Rachael’s work is primarily in ceramics and mixed media, highly creative figurative and sculptural. Her pieces often reflect on her experiences as a former circus performer and climbing teacher, now physically impaired with an invisible disability. Often using media, film and audio alongside her ceramics to show a narrative quality to her work, making her work as inclusive as possible to all people is of importance to her.

Rachael’s ceramics are primary raw clay pieces often Parian unglazed or finished with colour unless the colour is of significance, showing how even the most invisible disability, or perfect of us when under scrutiny can be exposed with all its, fragility, strengths, flaws and human failings. Rachael Leaves broken and damaged pieces, allows the clay to be fired to transform and move the sculptures to represent the complexity of life’s ever-changing experiences.

Rachael seeks to present the process of transformation, she experiences during her own physical and emotional journey, with an emphasis on fragility, balance, change, movement, flow, strength, community and the collective, often showing a subtle narrative quality. Rachael desires the audience to find their own connection and narrative in her highly creative sculptures as part of her ambition.
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